Fly-posted paper posters, pinboard, etching and chine collé, two collages, two monoprints, pins, stickers, postage stamps, 40th anniversary Monchichi swing tag, packaged letter patches, sweet wrapper, page from Reigning Cats and Dogs by Katharine MacDonough, newspaper and magazine cut-outs, Marie from The Aristocats patch and corresponding letter, screen-print on bookcloth, pink teddy bear in gold pram, blue tack.

Works in this installation include:

Britney says... (Part One and Two) (2023) paper, marker pen, pencil, 18 by 12 centimetres each.

I <3 Liz Arnold (2023) chine collé and etching on paper, 26.5 by 30 centimetres.

Revolution is Cute and What a Pretty Bolshevik You Are (2023) monoprint, ink stamps, pen, paper, 30 by 21 centimetres each.

Kylie Says... (2023) fly-posted posters of A4 collage